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Access to justice, community connections and participation It has youth advocates dedicated to providing free legal aid to youth under the age of 18. These lawyers can help with juvenile justice, criminal justice, school exclusions, child protection and general youth advocacy. It also provides legal training to youth workers, community workers and their organizations on youth issues. We can refer you to another service if there is a better option to help you. Please bring all your documents with you to your appointment. Contact us on 07 3372 7677 to arrange legal advice. HUB offers legal appointments in partnership with the following organizations: Since 1986, we have been empowering people to understand and deal with their legal problems. HUB Community Legal (formerly South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre) offers free and confidential legal advice appointments with qualified lawyers. It offers day and evening appointments in our Inala offices or with partner organizations. Its priority is to provide advice that educates and empowers people to solve their own legal problems. The areas of law in which we advise include: family law, domestic violence, child protection, powers of attorney, consumer disputes, loans and debts, traffic offences, car accidents, civil cases, problems between neighbours, employment, minor criminal law, discrimination, school and educational exclusions, sexual harassment and human rights. If they can`t help you, they`ll try to provide you with the details of someone who can. HUB Community Legal (formerly South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre) provides free, confidential and independent legal advice on a range of legal matters.

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