Youtube Legal Email ISRAELITE AGENTS AMONG US. By Yahudah Copyright Contact Information: On the evening of April 2, 2016 (Sydney time, Australia), my grandchildren showed me a YouTube clip in which a father showed how he used a vacuum hose to suck his young daughter`s long hair into a neat ponytail. The grandchildren immediately rushed to find their vacuum cleaner to try it on with each other`s hair. I think this clip has been shown for some time. This is a very stupid ploy to demonstrate on Youtube as unsupervised children could do themselves a lot of harm by vacuuming their hair and I think the clip should be removed. So I went into the video, chose “Share”, composed “youtube” and it comes with “Post video as”, so I entered my friend`s name, and the video was posted under his name, but with my mom`s email and YouTube account! I`m very frustrated about it because it shouldn`t be difficult or confusing in any way. I think there must be an option that allows you to sign up for ONE thing (i.e. youtube, gmail) to another account WITHOUT granting full access to “all” in “one account for everything”. And a way to completely remove my friends` account from my mother`s account. Me, my husband and our four children have a Youtube user for many years for various types of enterprising and funny videos, but these should be banned, as I said there in bad taste. If something is not done, I will go further before the BBB or file a complaint with the FTC. I don`t understand how a website like this would allow these teen fight videos to show kids fighting each other. YouTube should block them and at least advise against them.

It`s time for these YouTube fight videos to be banned from YouTube as most of them are young teenagers fighting until one of them is eliminated. Many of them are bullied by bullied children and most of the time they can`t defend their shame on YouTube for their sick heads. If you didn`t show them, these kids and adults wouldn`t be filming them as often. Because they didn`t publish them, most other sites wouldn`t allow it, disgusting. I`m tired of it, every time I want to use Youtube, the country comes like Spain. I`m changing the country to the UK, only to change it again to Spain next time. People have a choice of what land they want to use. Why not try to respect people`s choices and leave the Country tab alone? is governed by U.S. law. Therefore, we do not accept legal complaints from the country/region in which they are made. We encourage you to pursue any claims you may have directly against the person who posted the content. You can try to get in touch with the uploader.

If your legal action results in a decision against the person who posted the content, and if that court order requires us to remove the content from our Service, we will respond accordingly. I keep asking for a setting option so I can set up all videos to play lower resolution video quality. I have three kids and they don`t think about changing the video to a lower resolution every time they watch a different video. YouTube`s default setting is high resolution and I`m wasting all the monthly data allowed by my ISP. Because of this, I pay a lot of extra money for the extra data I use. They must be attentive to their users and allow them to change it into settings. Since most ISP data limits are imposed on the customer, we need YouTube`s help. And while you`re sitting there, there are a lot more inappropriate things posted on Youtube. For example, there is a video of someone having sex filming it and claiming that it is a “documentary” and supposedly did everything right, which is not the case. I know this complaint probably won`t reach anyone, but I still think it`s my duty to point out the problems you cause when you do this kind of. As I said, I don`t know if I should send this complaint there, but if anyone reads this and knows where to send it, please send it to the right place.

Thank you for your time and I hope you can spot your mistakes and fix the problem. YouTube is an incredibly large and diverse platform that is widely used nowadays. The different services offered by it are video sharing, YouTube TV, YouTube Premium services and much more. One cannot even imagine how many problems or problems are encountered. As a caring social platform, the YouTube Help Center is one of those places that tries to solve almost every query. He has almost all the problems and solutions. YouTube customer service is always up to date to resolve issues within minutes. You can contact them by email, fax, social media or simply via YouTube`s customer service number.

I don`t like the “one account for everything” you have. All I wanted this morning was to upload a video to Youtube under my friend account, but with my mom`s phone so I could submit her entry to a signature contest. Deadline tomorrow. At first, I couldn`t log out of my mother`s account on youtube because she has “an account for everything” and is automatically logged into youtube. I can`t just log in under my friend account, I had to add his account to my mom`s account. And because of that, my friend “an account for everything” is now fully accessible from his phone. I just wanted youtube. Second, their YouTube app wasn`t working (could be the phone). Late or non-existent notifications for Youtubers I subscribe to.

I pressed the bell and selected everything on my favorite YouTubers and still don`t get all the notifications. Or some pass so late that they are useless for your high-end service. I had one today that aired 10 minutes after the video ended. I am deeply saddened by the lack of respect and human interaction of You Tube Support. My channel was removed for erroneous and unfair reasons, it seems that people who produce content for the YouTube community are easily sidelined, although we as creators provide the content for people to see on the platform if that platform didn`t exist. I contacted myself with several emails and tried to call, but to no avail. I have several messages from my viewers saying that they don`t understand why I was treated this way and I can`t give them answers because the You-Tube support staff can`t and won`t respond to my emails, which is said, I`m sure it`s definitely going to fall on my ears and the fact that I wrote this, is useless and a waste of time. Thank you Adam weeks My Youtube homepage shows inappropriate trailers, adult videos, etc. Please delete these things from youtube as soon as possible. It`s not supposed to be that kind of website and they suggest videos I don`t want to see.

People like Philip DeFranco, Casey Neistat (he illegally flies drones and other illegal things. Why monetize it?), and become people with a solid reputation. I`m just a spectator. There are age-limited channels for some large tubers. Aren`t they monetized on age-restricted channels? I think your political system is out of place and is fundamentally anathema. There is a video that Jub Jub made on Face Book about the Xhosa Nation Being Izifebe, How can youtube play such a video is portraying hate and tribalism in South Africa If you have any problems, write them an email about it. Don`t expect an immediate response after the email. In addition, you can reach the YT support team by mail at For a specific issue like copyright claims or legal support, you can turn to the appropriate emails – I tried calling customer support for YouTube and the recording said I would wait 15-20 minutes. I waited longer than that without a human response.