Earthworks and Construction

Our advanced heavy machinery, operated by Silk Water Group’s highly experienced operators, is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS-based 3-D mapping technologies, enabling us to accurately monitor and track every stone and each tree in you land, thus ensuring that your project is executed exactly as designed.

Water Management

Our in-house water management professionals will offer you complete water management solutions, including water infrastructure construction, advanced irrigation systems, water storage solutions and other water solutions specifically tailored to match your farm’s needs.


Our CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) specialists will design and construct for you the perfect greenhouse facilities, while taking into account various characteristics of your farm (i.e. total land area, climate conditions, soil conditions, crops selection, lighting, etc.). Our array of low-cost greenhouse solutions will guarantee your farm’s production of high-end wholesome crops reaches its maximum potential.
Our greenhouses are fully customizable, and can be equipped with ventilation systems, special lightening systems, shade nets, drip irrigation systems and insect nets.

Cultivation, Seeds, Crops and Fertilizers (CSCF)

Our original CSCF array of solutions and products was specifically developed by our experienced agriculturalists with an aim to provide farmers with all of their agricultural needs. Coupled with our earthworks, water management and CEA specialists, our CSCF professionals will tailor with you the perfect CSCF solutions and products suitable for your farm’s needs. The CSCF package includes the following solutions and products (each of them is available separately):

  • CULTIVATION | Our specialists will be glad to recommend and implement the best cultivation procedure suitable for your farm’s particular needs.
  • Seeds | We work only with the highest quality seeds in the market. Based on your needs and the farm’s specific characteristics we will select the right seeds that will produce the perfect crops.
  • Crops | Our team includes experienced crops advisers, who will be glad to offer their assistance and advice on soil health, pests, crops diseases, crops storage and management, transportation and marketing.
  • Fertilizers | We also offer various types of fertilizers from the world’s top-level companies, which will specifically suit your water management requirements, soil and climate conditions, and seeds selections.