Silk Water Group was founded by D. Moriss.

Mr. Moriss has decades of extensive experience in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure, product marketing and project financing. Ever since its inception, Silk Water Group has followed its vision of assisting Eurasia’s farmers in maximizing their farms’ agricultural potential and profits.

At the forefront of Silk Water Group is a selected group of highly experienced professionals, who specialize in agronomy, agriculture, marketing and finance. Silk Water Group’s professional team is determined to provide its clientele with the best advice, service or solution exactly when they need them the most.

Georgia is the leading country in the region in terms of capital investment in agriculture as percentage of GDP (whether by means of various governmental grants or direct projects financing), and is therefore a natural home for implementing Silk Water Group’s vision. It is for this reason that Silk Water Group’s main offices are located in Tbilisi, Georgia, right at the center of Eurasia.