D. Moriss | Chairman

D. Moriss is an experienced entrepreneur in the fields of backbone infrastructure and large scale agricultural projects. With over two decades of proven experience in managing, marketing and leading commercial enterprises to exceptional achievements, Mr. Moriss has accumulated a vast connection network, the critical business knowhow and, above all, an overwhelming success rate.

Initially based in London, Mr. Moriss travelled the world in pursue of business opportunities leading him to successful projects in more than three continents. Following several years in the infrastructure industry, in which Mr. Moriss had gained significant experience in consulting to the Russian Railway Company (MPS) and the Czech Republic Railway Company (CD), he proceeded to his next endeavor in the agriculture arena.

Specifically, Mr. Moriss holds a special expertise in importing cutting-edge technologies to emerging agricultural industry players. Nowadays, Mr. Moriss is the live spirit behind the establishment of Silk Water Group.
Driven by the vision of feeding the masses, Mr.Moriss is determined to bring proven agriculture technologies to developing nations, while positioning Silk Water Group as a tier one rising power in the Asian and Eastern European agriculture industry.

Mr. Moris holds degrees in Law and Business Management.

G. Biliseishvili | VP operations

G. Biliseishvilli has been an integral part of several international companies, dealing with multinational corporations as a project director and marketing specialist.

Giga is a crucial part of our team dealing in opening new markets and heading our ongoing projects.

A. Aunins |Technical Director

A. Aunins has been active in the high-end agriculture sector for the past 20 years. A. Aunins led design teams, which put together new concepts of farms and various farming solutions in different places across Europe.With vast experience in growing and cultivating vegetables, herbs and flowers, A. Aunins is one of the leading agro experts in his field. A. Aunins is leading a team of professional experts in order to fit the right farming solutions tailored precisely to the needs and requirements in your area.

Since joining Silk Water Group, Mr. Aunins has planned and executed a number of projects in Georgia. He has developed new projects in the country together with a variety of both local and foreign companies and associations.

His vast knowledge, alongside his exceptional managerial skills make him an integral and crucial piece in the SWG management team.

G. Kaneps | VP marketing and business development

G. Kaneps is an experienced multi-national marketing entrepreneur. His proven professional experience in the past 10 years has lead him to years of success in leading, planning and implementing wide scale projects in the agro business.

Mr. Kaneps’ exceptional marketing and development skills, as well as his charismatic character, make him a natural salesman and a man of vision, all of which have contributed to the ongoing success of SWG.

As the VP marketing and Business development of SWG, Mr. Kaneps is directly involved in tailoring ultimate solutions to each of the group’s customers, in accordance with their specific and diverse needs.