Silk Water Group & The Complete Micro-Farming Solution Package

Whether you are an experienced farmer, a commercial agriculturist, a land owner looking to expand your investments, or farming is a hobby you would like to give more attention to, Silk Water Group can help you discover and achieve your agricultural and financial goals. We offer reliable, cost-effective products and services that will provide you the tools you need in order to increase your farm’s production of high quality crops, while maximizing your revenues and profits.

Who We Are
Silk Water Group is a top agricultural solutions company, offering complete micro-farming solutions and training programs to help farmers, landowners and agricultural enthusiasts in Eurasia maximise the profits and agricultural potential of their farm, open land or greenhouses. Georgia leads Eurasia in agricultural capital investment as percentage of GDP, so this agricultural and geographical centre of Eurasia is the main hub for agricultural innovation. Housing Silk Water Group’s main offices in Tbilisi, Georgia, allows our team to stay in the agricultural center of the region, and to provide you with the most reliable and affordable agricultural products, services and advice. The Silk Water Group team consists of highly specialised professionals, with a combined experience of several decades in agronomy, infrastructure, project financing and marketing. Each carefully selected team member shares the following goals and values of Silk Water Group :

  • To provide our clientele with reliable, accurate advice;
  • Providing the highest quality services and products;
  • Maintaining a professional work environment;
  • Leading the industry in agricultural innovation;
  • Keeping products and services affordable and reachable.

Silk Water Group Products and Services
Our products and services are guaranteed to help you better utilise your land, whether you are facing adverse climatic conditions, poor soil quality, you have no farming or agriculture experience, or are simply looking to increase your yields and profits. The Complete Micro-Farming Solution, our revolutionary new product, is Silk Water Group’s all-inclusive answer for boosting the quality of your yields and maximising financial gain for your small or mid sized farm. Our clientele of small and mid-sized farms have shown an average increase of 60 percent in land yields, as well as producing significantly higher quality crops, regardless of prior seeding conditions such as unsuitable soil, poor infrastructure, or adverse climatic conditions. The Complete Micro-Farming Solution Package is a comprehensive package that includes the following products and services:

  • Financing Package – Our guaranteed increase in the farm’s yields and profits allows us to offer our farmers a revolutionary financing package. By choosing this financing package, our farmers can pay for the Complete Micro-Farming Solution in up to five annual installments derived from their farm’s increased profits, so that basically, our Complete Micro-Farming Solution pays for itself.
  • Pre-Sowing Preparations – Efficiently handling all of the necessary procedures in order to prepare the designated farm’s soil for future sowing.
  • Seeds and Fertilisers Supply – Included are tailor-made prime seeds and fertilizers from the market’s top-level suppliers, which will specifically fit the requirements of the farmer, while taking into account also the market’s needs.
  • Irrigation Solutions Installation – Providing advanced gravity-fed drip irrigation systems for maximum efficiency in water usage, significantly minimizes costs while constantly maximizing the yield per land area. In addition, solid refillable water tanks can also be provided on demand for farmers who do not have the required water infrastructure.
  • Greenhouses – Providing and constructing state of the art custom-made greenhouses, including structure, pierced irrigation pipes and illumination systems designed for long lasting growing of diseases-free crops.
  • Professional Agricultural Training and Support – Providing 24/7 tailored guidance and support (either on site or via our website), allowing both new and experienced farmers to better understand their options and opportunities when growing various types of crops. In addition, our team of experts will visit your farm regularly, in order to provide you with feedback and advice, and to present you with new technologies, techniques and agriculture products.

Who Can Benefit From Silk Water Group’s Products and Services?
Silk Water Group is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in producing more high-quality crops while increasing revenues and maximising profits. This can include current farmers with small or mid sized farms, amateur agriculturists who have a small plot of land, landlords with unused land, or untrained landowners who are looking for opportunities to better utilise their lands.

Investing in your future with Silk Water Group is a smart move for any landowner. Silk Water Group’s affordable and innovative products and services, especially the Complete Micro-Farming Solution Package, are guaranteed to benefit any agriculturalist or investor, regardless of skill level.

Silk Water Group enthusiastically and successfully assists farmers and landowners across Eurasia to maximise their agricultural potential. With our products and services you’ll produce higher quality crops, increase your revenues and maximise your profits regardless of the quality of your land, the local climate, or your agricultural experience.

Get Started with Silk Water Group Today
If you are ready to boost your agricultural and financial yields, Silk Water Group is here to help. Our innovative products and experienced professionals guarantee you will be a success.

For more information about Silk Water Group’s Complete Micro-Farming Solution, please check out our Farming Solutions page.

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