Our Complete Micro-Farming Solution is a comprehensive solution for small and mid-sized farms, who look for both a guaranteed average increase of 60% in their land yields and significantly improved high-quality crops – whether in greenhouses or in open fields. Our Complete Micro-Farming Solution is also suitable for farms suffering from adverse climatic conditions and/or poor soil quality.
The Complete Micro-Farming Solution is comprised of the following services, products, and solutions:

Financing Package

Our guaranteed increase in the farm’s yields and profits allows us to offer our farmers a revolutionary financing package. By choosing this Financing Package, our farmers can pay for the Complete Micro-Farming Solution in up to five annual installments derived from their farm’s increased profits, so that, basically, our Complete Micro-Farming Solution pays for itself.

Pre-Sowing Preparations

Efficiently handling all of the necessary procedures in order to prepare the designated farm’s soil for future sowing.

Seeds & Fertilizers Supply

Providing tailor-made prime seeds and fertilizers from the market’s top-level suppliers, which will specifically fit the requirements of the farmer, while taking into account also the market’s needs.

Irrigation Solutions Installation

Providing advanced gravity-fed drip irrigation systems for maximum efficiency in water usage, thus significantly minimizing costs while constantly maximizing the yield per land area. In addition, solid refillable water tanks can also be provided on demand for farmers who do not have the required water infrastructure.


Providing and constructing state of the art custom-made greenhouses, including structure, pierced irrigation pipes and illumination systems designed for long lasting growing of diseases-free crops.

Professional Agriculture Training and Support

Providing 24/7 tailored guidance and support (either on site or via our advanced website), allowing both new and experienced farmers to better understand their ways around growing various types of crops. In addition, our team of experts will visit the farm regularly, in order to provide their feedback and advice, and to present the farmer with new technologies, techniques and agriculture products.